DataHub Integration Services

EnergyConect optimizes the data flow to a central DataHub and streamlines the workflows of the grid company.

EnergyConnect is a cloud solution that optimizes the dataflow to a central Datahub (TSO), streamlines the processes of the operator and deliver data for increased insights into the transmission grid.


EnergyConnect is developed and designed for the Nordic markets with integration to major Meter Data Management systems.

Tailored to the market players

EnergyConnect is designed to support all requirements and business processes of grid operators and electricity suppliers. The solution was first tailored to the market players in the Danish electricity market (Nordic Model), supporting the Supplier-centric Model, that gives full separation of wholesale and retail. At the same time, it provides a modern and flexible cloud-based solution build to support the future energy market.

Collect and validate meter data
EnergyConnect has been build for the sole purpose to enable grid companies the task to collect, validate, send and receive meter data and automatically transfer them to a central Datahub at the local Transmission System Operator (TSO).

Optimized workflows

EnergyConnect is much more than a integration service only. EnergyConnect can even streamline related business processes, minimize administration and unleash valuable time on more business related value-adding tasks. Besides supporting the legislative requirements, EnergyConnect offers several optimizations of workflows to be performed by the operator:

  • Data model and user interface designed for the wholesale model
  • Validation of collected meter data prior to submission to central DataHub
  • Automatically estimates missing meter data (User configured)
  • Automatic submission of meter data
  • Automatic submission of counter stands
  • Templates for creating meter points
  • Real-time communication with central DataHub
  • Dashboard with overview of services and daily tasks
  • Power BI added for exended reporting, data analysis and self-service BI

Increased data insights

EnergyConnect provides increased insights into valuable data on consumption and production from meter readings and transmission grid. With build in Business Intelligence technology, new analysis possibilities arises. As an example, You can combine data from EnergyConnect and Netbas, thereby optimizing the grid to new dimensions.

Delivered as Software-as-a-Service

EnergyConnect is a module based cloud software solution, hosted in Microsoft Azure. The solution is offered as a Software-as-a-Service, which means that as a customer you can easily get a customized solution that includes operation and maintenance with new features for the future energy market, automatically updated under the regulations and market conditions. Today, the solution supports multi-setup, scalability of many metering points and major Meter Data Management (MDM) systems.

EnergyConnect will be the preferred choice of DataHub service integration (Nordic model) with built-in business processes and enhanced data insights.

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